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Hi! I’m Talia Rhea (“Ray”), a Career Coach with a passion for helping high performers find the courage and clarity to pursue purposeful career paths.

As an enneagram three, (recovering) perfectionist, and overachiever, I know a thing or two about performing to society’s carefully curated expectations of success.


Having graduated high school at the age of 16, undergrad at 19, and commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps at the ripe old age of 20, I had all the makings of a stellar private sector career. Unfortunately, after more than half a decade of military service, an office in the Pentagon, and friends on “the [Capital] Hill,” I was bitter, disengaged, and living with an identity solidly rooted in my (very substantive) paycheck! In trying to fit the military officer and D.C. professional mold, I had completely lost touch with myself in exchange for someone else’s definition of 'success.'

Over the next few years, I went to work, unpacking decades of learned (and acquired) programming, sifting through trauma, cutting things out of my life that no longer served me, creating boundaries, and developing the strategies to make my someday dreams a reality. And wouldn’t you know…in the space of 18 months, I met my incredible husband, quit my director’s role in government consulting, moved to a new state, started my own business, and I am now dedicated to helping others turn excuses into execution.  

It IS possible!


Whatever is holding you back, I want us to tackle it together. Over time, YOU will begin to create awareness around the various thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and internal messages driving your career choices. You will learn to show up authentically in your personal and professional relationships. And you will develop new strategies for leading and communicating in a healthy, wholistic way.


You know what it takes to overcome obstacles. Now, let me help you discover opportunities!



M.A. International Affairs & Public Policy

B.A. English & Communications

P.M.P. (Project Management Professional)




iPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

International Coach Federation (ICF) Member

Energy Leadership Index, Master Practitioner


“Your life today is the product of decisions you made six months ago. Choose wisely.”



Coaching is an intentional investment in your future self.

It is not a luxury, or self-care, or something you can afford to put off until a better time. It is a mental discipline, an exercise regimen—no different than eating well and going to the gym—that is deeply integral to our personal growth and quality of life.

Coaching is not for everyone.

Very few people can convince us to take ownership of something for which we are not ready. The inverse is also true: once we decide—truly decide—to take ownership of a problem or situation, very few people can talk us out of it. I am a firm believer in the idea that while the inherent value of coaching requires no explanation, it is ineffective to impose that value upon people before they are ready.

Coaching results compound in value.

What if going to the doctor for a sprained ankle simultaneously improved your gut health, your cognitive function, your vision prescription, eliminated every risk factor for cancer, and gave you muscle tone you’ve always wanted? (That would be a pretty amazing doctor!)


Now what if going to that same doctor not only improved your overall health, but your friend’s health and your mom’s health and your coworker’s and your partner’s…and and and…you get the idea. That is the effect of great coaching!


Not only does it address the circumstances in your own life, it spills over to affect everything and everyone with whom you come into contact. Because you are different, you begin to see the world differently.


This is why I believe coaching is the single greatest investment you will ever make!   

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